Movie Review: The Gift

This movie reminds all of us about one of the main reasons why we all go to the movies. Its because we want life to work like the movies do; a happy ending or a love story, some laughs a temporary escape from reality but most importantly we want the evil people in this life to get what they deserve, but unfortunately real life rarely works like we want it to and like we see so often in the movies.

The movie “The Gift” is an excellent and very well written thriller about bullying and how it might come to a conclusion years later in adulthood. This movie is about the fact that for the most part there is “no measurable lower limit” as what some people will do to get ahead or to destroy the life of someone who has done nothing to them. The human phenomenon of some sick people in this life who derive pleasure in humiliating or ruining the life of another human being and from that somehow feel better about themselves is the central theme of this movie. It is very clear that people like the main character in this movie (played very well by Jason Bateman) do not believe in God or in heaven or hell and they have never bought into the concept of doing onto others as you would have them do onto you.

This story was told very well with many surprising twist and turns and in the end the point of this movie is that most bad people never change and that at least in the movies sometimes, “what goes around comes around”. The ending of this movie was very surprising although some of the action that comes at the end was predictable at parts earlier in the movie. The acting was excellent throughout and all the actors do an very convincing job; most especially Bateman who plays at first the good family man but in the end his true colors are finally revealed.

I highly recommend this excellent movie.

What makes a movie a great one the-gift-movie

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