Movie Review: Grandma

The previews of this movie were funny, but the actual movie was not funny enough and boring in a number of areas. This movie was very short and was not a bad movie, just a little below average and there were really not enough good things about it to really recommend it.   Lilly Tomlin was good, and might get some kind of an award nomination.

Due to the many flaws and slow moments in this movie I cannot recommend it.


Movie Reviews: Black Mass

What movies like “Black Mass” points out is what other movies like “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas” remind us all of. That for some people, there is “no measurable lower limit” at what people can do and later easily rationalize and this includes violent crime and mass murder. Black Mass is the title for this movie that I never fully understood, but this movie would have to be ranked close to the crime movies like Goodfellas in terms of quality and realism of showing mafia murders and crime. This movie is about the story of a deal between a corrupt FBI agent and Whitey Bulger, who is one of the most notorious gang leaders and mass murderers in US history. The deal involved letting Bulger and his gang do whatever they wanted in terms of ratting on all the other criminals in the area. On top of this Bulger was the brother of a high ranking Boston politician which also make his life of crime and murder that much easier.

Johnny Depp has to be a shoe in for being nominated if not winning for best actor this year at the Academy Awards. On top of this, Depp is barely recognizable because the makeup job for his character Whitey Bulger is so good and perhaps another academy award for makeup will come because of the great makeup work in this movie.

This movie is very good and I do recommend it.

Black Mass Movie IMDB

In this image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Johnny Depp portrays Whitey Bulger in the Boston-set film, “Black Mass.” (Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP)

Movie Review: Captive

This movie is about a true story that happened 10 years ago in Atlanta Georgia about a man (Brian Nichols) accused of rape who escaped from jail and killed 4 people and severely injured a courtroom guard.

Very often, best movies are the movies that are stories that are about true life people or incidents and the movie is well acted, written and produced. Overall, I think this movie re-created a real life incident into a well acted and well written story. The criminal and serial murderer in this movie was very well played by the actor David Oyelowo and Kate Mara did a very good job playing the captive and meth addict mother of a 5 year old child. The action in the courtroom where Nichols escaped due to the mistakes of a jailhouse guard who took his handcuffs off; never realizing that he was free to attack her, knock her unconscious and escape from jail was the cause of the entire episode. Nichols escape and subsequent murder of 4 other people afterwards is especially tragic considering the procedures of securing a prisoner that if followed, would have prevented 4 deaths and the coma of the jailhouse guard who to this day has never fully recovered from her head injuries.

During the first part of this story a book is mentioned as the woman in the story is trying to get through drug counseling because of her methadone addiction and I am sure that this book will get many more sales because of this. The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

The ending of the story is rather surprising and might not be believable if were not a true story. This is a good movie, not a great movie and I do recommend it.

Captive Movie IMDB