Movie Review: The Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2

This is the last movie in the Hunger Game Series and the fourth installment; the first movie “The Hunger Games” came out in March 2012 with the main premise being a reality game show where young children were in an outdoor death match that was televised to the world. One thing that stood out the most for me in that first movie was the murder of a young 6 year old child by a 19 year old young man during one of the episodes of this game show.  In the second Hunger Games movie there was another televised death match, but this time with older young adults in their late teens and 20’s, perhaps due to the backlash from the first movie.  How an idea like this spawned 3 books and 4 movies that have been so popular I have no idea, mainly because the fundamental idea behind this story is so gruesome.

Perhaps the author Suzanne Collins was trying to point out the potential disaster ahead for the world because of the prevalence and popularity of reality shows; but to suggest that something as horrific as children killing other children on television becoming popular in any futuristic reality is ridiculous.

During the entire 8 hours of these 4 movies and most especially the last two I found myself continuously confused by the many names thrown around and several scenes that didn’t make sense and were not explained well. This movie series seemed to count on most people reading the books first before seeing the movies and for those who did not read the books, they were going to be out of luck trying to figure out who was who and what was going on a large percentage of the time.

The fourth and last installment in this series had scenes of mass murder and death that even involved children which I thought was extremely misplaced and inappropriate for any movie; even a movie that was trying to be true to the books that the movie was based on.  I for one am glad that this movie series is now over and I am still amazed that these movies have made so much money and the books were so popular.

This movie should be seen by fans of the book series, but for the rest of us,  this last installment should be avoided.

IMDB: The Hunger Games MockingJay Part 2


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