2016 Golden Globe Nominations

In 1998 the Academy Awards gave best picture to “Shakespeare In Love” when it was up against arguably the greatest movie about the realities of war ever made, “Saving Private Ryan”.  Without a doubt this is the biggest injustice I have ever seen in any award show. Last years “The Birdman” winning for best picture was something that most people did not understand as this movie was at its best just strange and definitely not a good movie.   Since that time, I have witnessed a lot of insanity in Hollywood and in the many award shows that are televised this year, but I would have to say that this time around, with the Golden Globe nominations this year could be the most insane ever.

First of all, the movie “The Martian” is not a comedy or musical.  The movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” was a bad movie.    How could this movie be nominated and “The Danish Girl” not be nominated?   The movie “Spy” was at best a very average and forgettable movie and I was very surprised to see this movie nominated. Why was Tom Hanks not nominated for “Bridge of Spys”, or Johnny Depp for “Black Mass”? Hopefully the Academy Awards will have a return to some kind of normalcy and we will see the some nominations that at least make some sense.


Best Picture, Drama


“Mad Max: Fury Road”

“The Revenant”




Best Actor, Drama

Bryan Cranston (“Trumbo”)

Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Revenant”)

Michael Fassbender (“Steve Jobs”)

Eddie Redmayne (“The Danish Girl”)

Will Smith (“Concussion”)

Best Actress, Drama

Cate Blanchett (“Carol”)

Brie Larson (“Room”)

Rooney Mara (“Carol”)

Saoirse Ronan (“Brooklyn”)

Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”)


Best Picture, Comedy/Musical

“The Big Short”


“The Martian”




Best Actor, Comedy/Musical

Christian Bale (“The Big Short”)

Steve Carrell (“The Big Short”)

Matt Damon (“The Martian”)

Al Pacino (“Danny Collins”)

Mark Ruffalo (“Infinitely Polar Bear”)


Best Actress, Comedy/Musical

Jennifer Lawrence (“Joy”)

Melissa McCarthy (“Spy”)

Amy Schumer (“Trainwreck”)

Maggie Smith (“The Lady in the Van”)

Lily Tomlin (“Grandma”)

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