Movie Review: Ride Along 2

The easiest movies to any movie reviewer to review are comedies.  The reason why its so easy to review movies like this is because you have the sound of audience feedback, the laughter you hear in the audience to reinforce your opinion that the movie is either funny or not funny. If the movie is funny then people will laugh, if the movie is not funny then there is silence. Unfortunately, for Ride Along 2, like Ride Along there just were not enough funny scenes or dialog to agree that the movie is funny.  After almost 2 hours there was only one scene in a car where Kevin Hart’s character and Jen Jeong’s character are talking about Star Wars and other issues and Ice Cube and Olivia Munn are in the front seat making faces because the conversation is so annoying.  This scene works for the most part because of the relentless ranting from 2 nerds talking about nerdy things and you know the “shut up” is coming at the end.  Unfortunately for this movie, this is the only time I noticed some laughing in the audience.

As I have said about other movies that Kevin Hart has been involved with, he is a very good stand up comedian, but much too often his movies are not funny or too plain average and because he is in so many movies this may catch up with him soon because he is in way too many movies. In my opinion, Kevin should take some time off for a while and concentrate on his stand up act because this is another pretty boring and average movie.

Ice Cube’s character in this movie, as he was in the last movie and most of his other movies is always in a bad mood and the question is, how long can we have Ice Cube getting annoyed at Kevin Hart before it gets old. Odds are high that there will be a “Ride Along 3” but you just have to figure that after the 3rd movie in this series comes out that people will finally get tired of the moody angry Ice Cube character and the relentlessly annoying Kevin Hart character and this will finally be put to bed.

Mainly because this movie is not funny enough, I cannot recommend it.


Ride Along 2 IMDB

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