Movie Review: Now You See Me 2

When “Now You See Me” came out in 2013 I thought it was a pretty bad and stupid movie; one of those movies with a convoluted plot that had no basis in logic. I also thought that its fine to try and trick the audience with a twisted ending, but at least try to make that ending make some sense. Making sense should not ever include elaborate attempts at the end of a movie trying to explain ridiculous things that happened before to somehow resolve an ending that is insane.

It was obvious that the producers of this first movie were hoping that this would be an ongoing franchise where magicians commit huge crimes and give the money to their fans, which I thought at the time was a very good premise. What was bad about the first film was the stupidity of the story, the heists and the many of the implausible and nonsensical ideas that the audience was expected to believe. What I then found most surprising about this sequel, which is an attempt to save this potential long-term franchise after three years, was that a better and more believable script was not written. It was clear from the very beginning of this movie that it was going to be even worse than the original.

Many of the same actors are back for this second installment, with the exception of Isla Fischer, perhaps because of scheduling conflicts or perhaps because she read the ridiculous script. Even Michael Caine is back for this second movie, although it is a much smaller part and he appears mostly at the end of the film.

Now You See You 2 is a bad movie for several reasons. Bad Story, bad ideas, illogical and implausible action sequences, most especially at the end of the movie where there is a fake Jet flight that supposedly fools the criminal occupants on the plane. There is nothing wrong with special effects or extreme attempts to fool or amaze and audience, but when this is done poorly, makes no sense to the point of being annoying or ridiculous, then you have a bad movie.

Now You See Me 2, like Now you See Me, should be avoided.


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