Movie Review: The Conjuring 2

At the beginning of “The Conjuring 2” it is announced that this is a true story that happened in the years 1976-1977 in England. Then you sit through over 2 hours of this horror movie in disbelief that this could be a true story mainly because a single mother and 3 young children would never stay in a house that is this haunted when you consider possession, her young daughter talking like a 72-year-old ghost, levitation and objects flying through the air. Any normal adult mother would immediately leave the house to move into a shelter or with any relative under conditions like this but this entire family stays in this house for the entire time frame of this movie, which seems like it was at least 1 year, perhaps more. This reason alone is reason enough not to believe that this is a 100% true story.

I never saw the first Conjuring film, but the advertisements for this sequel were bragging that this new version was even scarier than the first. Apart from a few surprises in this new version, there was nothing that I thought was that scary. Like all horror movies in the last 43 years , there were attempts, mainly as far as possession, to re-use what worked in the Exorcist which was released in 1973 and will always be the gold standard as far as horror movies. Exactly why the Exorcist will always be the scariest movie of all time, should be a major psychological study or at least a book at some point in the future.

As far as some strangeness, this movie had more than its share of strange scenes, but the strangest by far was when Patrick Wilson who plays the lead ghost chaser in this movie along with his wife played by Vera Farmiga decides to do an Elvis impersonation towards the end of the movie. An Elvis impersonation during a horror movie about ghost chasing? That has to be a new high in weird.

Overall, I thought this movie was way too long, perhaps by as much as 30 minutes and was too run of the mill – what we have all seen before to recommend, except for hardcore fans of ghost movies. If your not one of those kinds of people, I would skip this one.


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