Movie Review: Ghostbusters

The idea that someone had after 30 years to bring back the Ghostbusters franchise was a very good one. It was even a better idea this time, to have four women as the Ghostbusters. This idea should be a huge money maker especially if you include, like in the first movie, some very popular and talented Saturday Night Live cast members. What is not a good idea is to create an average story and script for a great concept of Ghost hunting or busting as it’s called in these movies. If the script is just average and not great like the first Ghostbusters was in 1984 then you run the risk of this movie not creating a new franchise to take advantage of the name recognition and the popularity of the first Ghostbusters movies. I suspect that there will be a Ghostbusters 2 movie like in 1989 but I doubt that there will be a 3rd Ghostbusters movie because this one was just not funny enough or entertaining enough. I do not agree with Richard Roper’s review of this film(see video below), giving it an overall rating of D-. For me, this movie was at best a C+ but like most people who will see this movie they will probably agree that they were expecting an A or at least a B.

Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig are two of the very best Saturday Night Live performers of all time so its a shame they were not used very well in this movie. Melissa McCarthy is probably the top comedic actresses making movies today but in this movie she was also misused. The last Saturday Night Live actor in this film is Leslie Jones who is funny in part of this movie, but once again not funny enough to make it that much better. It was nice to see almost the entire cast of the first Ghostbusters movie from 1984 in this movie in small cameo parts, which was a positive aspect of this movie, but this was not enough to make this anything but an average run of the mill type film.

I do recommend this movie for some of the scenes and special effects but I was expecting an A movie and it was only a C+.

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