Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond along with the 2 other movies with this cast has spectacular computer-generated special effects. The special effects in these movies are equal to if not more important than the story or the entire script. The latest Star Trek Beyond is no exception and the special effects are great, perhaps even better than in the other two movies. The end of this movie has a pretty idiotic idea for killing these flying space bee’s which involves of all things – playing rock music to confuse the swarm, which I thought was way over the top. I have no problems with great imagination and new ideas especially in science fiction movies but when an idea or ending to a movie defies all logic and is just done for some Hollywood reasons, then this can be annoying pretty quickly. Aside from this one small flaw at the end, I thought this movie was entertaining and very well done. One thing different about this movie is that the cast spends most of the time separated on a planet rather than in space, but I thought this took nothing away from the movie.

For this latest Star Trek, the entire cast is back including the very unfortunate young man, Anton Yelchin who died in a freak car accident some months ago in his own driveway. Most tragically he was only 27 years old and as an actor was so fortunate to be involved with this Star Trek movie franchise. He will be very sorely missed as an actor and as Chekov. The death of the original Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy is mentioned at the end of this movie and a picture of the original Star Trek cast is found in some of Spock’s belongings. The showing of the picture of the original Star Trek picture is a reference to the fact that the original Spock is a time traveler to the past and visits the young version of the cast as this Star Trek series is a prequel to the original Star Trek.

Star Trek Beyond is very well done and a must see for anyone who likes science fiction or action movies.


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