Movie Review: Ask Dr. Ruth

The new documentary “Ask Dr. Ruth” reminds anyone who has seen Dr. Ruth on over 500 talk show appearances since 1984 or heard her on her own radio show that started in 1981, that she is one of the most likable celebrities of all time. At age 90, she is constantly busy and walks as fast as anyone and is at all times showing her happy smile that along with her laugh is her most likable attributes.

Ruth Westheimer’s life and success as a famous sex therapist has been a miracle, starting with how she became famous when she was called by a radio station to answer some general questions about sex therapy. Even more of a miracle is how this amazing woman ever lived past the age of 10, when her parents were taken away by the Nazi’s and she was miraculously sent to an orphanage in Switzerland, barely missing being sent to a concentration camp herself.

Westheimer even became a soldier for a time in the Israeli Army and almost lost both of her legs when she was wounded. She was married 3 times, the last time lasted almost 40 years. She had had two children, now has several grandchildren and still at age 90, seems to have the energy she displayed on so many talk shows for the last 35 years. All of Dr. Ruth’s appearances on talk shows like Johnny Carson and David Letterman were always very funny because of her extremely blunt sex talk and the reactions of the embarrassed host.

Ask Dr. Ruth is one of the best biography documentaries I have seen in many years and this film receives my highest recommendation.

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