Movie Review: Brightburn

The idea for “Brightburn” is a good one. What would happen if the parents who found Superman when he crash landed on a Farm somewhere in the Midwest, adopted an infant that turned out to be evil rather than good? The entire idea of both Superman and Brightburn are ridiculous from the start because the odds of an alien child landing on earth that looks human are impossibly remote. Any two adults who found any alien child in a crash landed spaceship would call the police or the FBI long before any thought of adoption would set in. Setting aside any level of common sense or logic gives us science fiction or in this case horror movies like Brightburn. Most of this inane logic can be acceptable because its science fiction, but when a story gets too preposterous, this is where the movie becomes more annoying than entertaining.

The problem with Brightburn is a problem with most horror movies. People just do not react or behave in these movies like an average person would behave when faced with circumstances like these. The police would have been called long before horrendous problems and murder would happen. The boy, a who is about 12 years old when the mayhem begins, would have been sent off to an scientific observation center as soon as any dangerous super powers would be revealed. It has been rare in my experience as an avid moviegoer where people in insane situations react like any average person would. One reason for this is dramatic effect and another reason could be that the producers of these movies believe that people like to feel superior to the actors in the movie, who are running for their lives.

Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks and avid Denman as the boys parents and Jackson A. Dunn, who plays the superhero gone bad. Dunn shows very little acting ability in his role and seems more like a robot than a 12 year old boy with super powers.

The Rotten Tomatoes review for this film are only 58% and I mostly agree with this opinion and give a very marginal recommendation to this film because of all the easily fixable problems in this story.

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