Kobe Bryant Memorial

Real life is never like a movie, but most of us hope that life would turn out like many movies do. With a happy ending. Justice brought to those to deserve it, triumph to those who have earned it. The events of January 26, 2020 when 9 people died in a Helicopter crash that was completely preventable were so tragic and senseless that none of what happened will ever be understood or rationalized. This tragedy reminds all of us, that life is not a movie.

Yesterday 2/24/20 was the Kobe Bryant memorial. The number 24 and 8 shot clock violations in NBA games to honor Kobe Bryant’s daughter’s basketball jersey number and 24 is Kobe’s and this was a one of a kind event that has never happened in the history of professional sports.

None of us will ever see a better example of courage than Kobe’s wife, Vanessa Bryant standing in front of 20 thousand people at Staples stadium and millions around the world, talking about about the horrendous loss of her 13 year old daughter Gianna and her husband Kobe, who was only 41 years old. Then Michael Jordan stood at the same podium, crying while talking about his best friend. Nothing compares to this. It is all horrendously tragic and one of the worst events we have ever seen. The videos of Vanessa Bryant and Michael Jordan are very hard to watch, and I have decided to include them in this blog.