Movie Review: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

As a movie blogger, based on a very high opinion poll on Rotten Tomatoes, sometimes I am obligated to see a movie that I ordinarily would not see.

The movie “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” has 98% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, so out of curiosity, and even though it has subtitles, I decided to see it. This movie is about a woman in her early 30’s who paints portraits of three other women who are living with her. One woman is older, another who is her age and another in her mid teens. Other than that, there is no story, no direction, no plot and no reason to understand why this non-movie was ever made. I have no idea why the ratings are so high, other than the well done photography of a surrounding ocean, house and cliff, somewhere in France.

For this film, I decided to leave early because the mindless boredom was so unbearable. As I left the theater I thought of a purpose for this very bad movie, with no story. One day while on cable, it could cure insomnia for hundreds of thousands of people, who just cannot get to sleep. Run from this extremely boring waste of two hours.