Movie Review: The Invisible Man

The last invisible man movie I remember seeing was “Hollow Man” in 2000 starring Kevin Bacon. The idea in that film was changing the body chemically to make the skin and all internal organs and skeleton translucent. The problem with this approach was; the drug Bacon’s character was taking to make him invisible also made him insane.

For “The Invisible Man”, the body suit that the scientist invents with thousands of small cameras that absorb light is a much more believable science, no matter how far-fetched. There is some good trick photography demonstrated here, along with some very well done action scenes.

Overall, I thought the story was well told, and the acting well done by everybody, with some excellent twists and turns at the end. The lead actor of The Invisible Man is Elisabeth Moss who plays the wife of her abusive scientist husband who invents this incredible technology and then terrorizes his wife after she runs away.

I thought this was a solid thriller, with a rating of about 80%, not the 90% I am seeing on Rotten Tomatoes. I do recommend this film.