Movie Review: Unbroken

Overall I was very disappointed with this movie. I felt many times throughout the 2 hours that I was watching a TV movie or biography rather than the movie depiction of a great book also called Unbroken which was written by Lauren Hillenbrand . The novel Unbroken is one of the best books I have ever written and it took 7 long years of research for Hillenbrand write this book. Considering those 7 years of hard work and research about the incredible story of survival that she wrote about the life of Louie Zamperini i definitely expected a much better than average movie but unfortunately the movie Unbroken is only an average movie.

There are some moments worth seeing in Unbroken, but overall I recommend reading the book as it is much better and pays a much better homage to this incredible story of survival.

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Movie Review: Night at the Museum 3

What is the point of this movie or the previous 2 movies in this series? Its all about Museum exhibits becoming alive and who cares? I was very bored during the first 2 movies and this one, hopefully the third and VERY LAST in the series was mindbogglingly boring! The plot was slow and boring and ridiculous. While watching this bad movie you have the feeling that you are wasting your life away with this garbage. On top of this it was depressing to see the great Robin Williams choosing this movie as the last movie he will ever make.

This movie was not funny, the special effects were boring and there was no point to this movie at all.

This was a stupid movie and I hope the last in this series.

So yourself a favor and try to miss this miserable long and boring movie.

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Review: Wild

I thought this movie was highly unusual and very good overall. This movie did not follow the normal Hollywood formula and instead used flashbacks to explain why the main character in the movie was hiking 2500 miles through the what is called the PCT – Pacific Crest Trail. This is a true story and it is understandable that a woman who just lost her mother who she was very close with would go through and ordeal like this to try to get over a horrible loss. I for one can identify with doing something like this.

I liked the fact that the movie completely departed from the normal formula type of movie that we are all so use to, and its been a long while since I have seen a movie told in this manner. I also enjoyed learning about this huge 2500 mile hiking trail and you have to respect anyone who had the courage to make a walk that long through some very dangerous terrain.

I highly recommend this movie.

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