Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2

This was a good sequel, trying to be as good as the first movie but it failed to be as good as the first movie. It failed mainly because the musical numbers were not as good as the first movie and overall i was very disappointed in the ending competition which was the big payoff contest between the Bella group and the German group in the world group singing competition.  The musical numbers where mostly not only as good as the first, but not long enough, especially in the end.

I thought that the comedy in this movie was as good as the first movie and this part of this sequel was successful.  I am sure that there will be another sequel to this franchise and I hope that the quality goes a bit back up to match the the first movie, especially as far as the musical numbers.

What I don’t like with most sequels is that very rarely do you see a new or original idea which was again the case of this movie. If they make the 3rd version of this franchise and follow the same formula again, this idea will get very old very quickly.

Despite this movie’s flaws, overall I do recommend it.

The Hollywood Sequel Formula



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