Movie Review: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Its only a movie? Isn’t that a true statement? I think that its correct that a movie is really just a movie and not worth the life of any human being, but in the past while making movies people have died because of a fluke that went wrong or some mistake or some other reason where someone was not doing their job. The worst tragedy in movie history was probably the movie Twilight Zone with Vic Morrow and 2 Vietnamese children he was carrying into a lake were killed by the blades of a falling helicopter. The point of all this is, “Its only a movie”, why would anyone want to risk their life to make a movie? Well for whatever the reason, Tom Cruise is definitely one of those people and at the rate he is going by taking these kinds of risks in these Mission Impossible movies; there is a very good chance that he will be killed one day just going a little too far.

On 4 occasions in this movie, Cruise could have been killed. The first was by hanging from a large Airbus plane and I hear there were 8 takes for this one scene. During this first scene, Cruse ran close to the large propellers of this airplane and he could have been if he was blown into them. Tom Cruise mentioned on a talk show that he held his breath for 6 minutes and he trained for this for a long time, but this is also extremely dangerous. Obviously this is completely unnecessary and insane to take risks like this for a movie. There is also a scene of great danger riding a high powered motorcycle on a highway that was very dangerous with other cars and trucks that had to be avoided. Its clear that Tom Cruise should leave dangerous stunts like this to the stunt men, but for some reason he insists on taking severe life threatening risks that one day will cost him his life.

As far as the movie I thought that the story was a good one and it was easy to follow, which is not true of previous Mission Impossible movies, especially the first one. The main female lead in this movie was very believable in her role and her fight scenes were very well done and she is very attractive as well. Other actors from previous Mission Impossible movies also returned even though Ving Rhames had a very small role in the last Mission Impossible movie “Ghost Protocol” where Tom Cruise took many risks on the worlds tallest building in Dubai. The ending of this movie was very satisfying but not believable based on how they were able to trap the lead villain in a giant Plexiglas box.

Overall I thought this movie was well done and I do recommend it.

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