Movie Review: Vacation

While sitting through this horrible movie, it was hard to imagine how the people who financed this garbage were ever stupid enough to somehow not know how bad this idea was, or how unfunny this movie would turn out to be.

For me the scene that says it all was the moment when there was a very attractive woman on a highway looking at the main character in the movie played by Ed Helms ad suddenly she drifts over to another lane and is killed by a head on collision with a truck. Somehow, someone responsible for this horrible movie thought this was funny? How could this be considered funny? Why would they think anyone would find this funny? Perhaps Charles Manson would find a head on collision funny, but certainly no normal sane adult.

During the entire 2 hours of this movie nobody in the audience laughed even once, but why would they? There was one ongoing fight between the younger son of the new Griswald family who was bullying the older son, who it was suggested might be gay. There was a scene where the entire family accidentally thought that a sewage pond was a hot spring. There were several almost car accidents on the highway in this movie, one involving a Mac Truck. At the end of the movie the family visits the original father of the first Vacation movie which was played by Chevy Chase. Chevy is now looking both very old and very overweight and the ending scenes with him were some of the least funny in the whole movie.

This movie was very bad and I do not recommend it.

Elements of a very bad movie

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