Movie Review: Birds of Prey

The new movie “Birds of Prey” is unusual for several basic reasons. First of all the title of this movie – “Bird of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn), has to be the longest title in movie history . Secondly, this film is a sub-sequel to the very bad movie “Suicide Squad”, released in 2016 starring Will Smith and Margo Robbie. Why is there a sequel to a bad movie released almost 4 years ago? There should be an unwritten law to make sure that sequels are only made from previous good movies, never bad ones.

The big problem with this new film is that it has a weirdness that will remind everyone of Suicide Squad – not a good thing. The other problem is that this movie is weird bad, never weird good or ever entertaining. Considering that Margo Robbie’s acting career in Hollywood is going so well, it is surprising, despite the money she was paid, that she would agree to once again play this strange insane character. Hopefully this will be the last Bird of Prey movie. There is nothing new in this story, its the same violent Karate scenes that we have all seen many times before. Weirdness and craziness does not give a new angle on a very tired retread action movie.  

The Rotten Tomatoes ratings for this film are in the high 80% range, and the critics are dead wrong. My rating is about 45% and I do not recommend this movie.


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